You’re probably the kind of person who doesn’t care what people say and if you want to try a gosh darn beer, you’ll try it. There are no amount of words or magic combination of enticing verbs that will convince you to make important life decisions — like purchasing your next beer. You’re a rebel. You live in the now. We get it. We love it. We feed off of it. Still, we’re glad you’re here and we’d love for you to read on. Soak up our story, pass it along while cheers-ing to the good life and remember that you’re always welcome back for more.

Saucony Creek Brewing Company is a forward-thinking craft brewery proudly fashioning hyper-local adventurous beers in an effort to keep glass-clinking camaraderie alive and well. We’ve recognized that a truly spectacular beer possesses the power to erase all boundaries and unify individuals no matter what their differences may be. Through our network of fellow brewers, farmers, craftsmen, adventurers, strangers who have become family, and heaps of global experiences that mold our like-minded cultures and lifestyles with together with all who sip our beers and we have named our friends.

In an industry where newbies continue to emerge and strive for originality, Saucony Creek Brewing Company is destined to break the mold with authentic, small-batch creations accented by an open-minded, “say we won’t” type of attitude. Despite our tiny town presence, there’s a world of passion and experience dripping from each Saucony sip.

Founder. Ring Leader.
It was a professional X Games and action sports career that sent a younger version of Saucony Creek Brewing Company’s Founder and Owner, Matt Lindenmuth, hopping from country to country where artful inspiration, diverse cultures and unique individuals prevailed around every corner. He soaked it all up and particularly felt fascination for craft beer at the age of thirteen in Belgium. Fast forward through US Snowboard Team training, Guinness World Records, NBC’s Gravity Games and a collection of injuries,  it was time to leave behind one crafty career and begin another one. With some newfound free time, Matt took his long standing hobby of home brewing to the next level and began the formal process of launching Saucony Creek Brewing Company.

Master Brewer. Mad Scientist.
Since the brewery’s opening day, Matt has handed off brewing operations to a much more talented professional Master Brewer and mad scientist, Nick Micio. A local Lehigh Valley native, Nick earned his brewing degree at The American Brewer’s Guild after getting his Bachelor’s Degree at Penn State. He went onto Santa Rosa, CA to apprentice behind world renown brewer Vinny Cilurzo at Russian River Brewing Co. Drawn back to the northeast, Nick went on to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. While there Nick was able to apply his new skills at the Moat Mountain Brewing Company where he brewed closely with German educated Brew Master Will Gilson.

To be closer to family, Nick and his wife returned to Pennsylvania in 2009. Since then he has brewed at both award winning Fegley’s Brew Works and most recently at Weyerbacher Brewing Company. After coming from the pub setting he credits much of his production knowledge to these two facilities.

Nick joined the family at Saucony Creek in the fall of 2014.

Farm to Table. Farm to Pint.
This is a real term, not a marketing title. We grow own own stuff at the brewery and on two of the owners’ farms, and then make beer and food with that stuff that grew out of the dirt. Saucony is named after the creek and water source that runs through Saucony Creek’s production grounds of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The vision from day one was to unite like-minded brewers, craftsmen, chefs, natural farmers, friends, and local businesses. We work hard to do our best at incorporating as much local grown and sourced ingredients as possible.

Monster Trucks. Unicorns. Bikes. Beer Bongs. Rollerblades. Snowboards. Sled Dogs.
Since officially launching in March 2013 Saucony Creek Brewing Company has developed a presence in Pennsylvania and caused quite a stir during their inaugural Philly Beer Week 2013 when they shut down a city block to host a BMX stunt show and tap-takeover at the Pub on Passyunk East (POPE). Eyes were peeled once again when Saucony Creek Brewing Company amassed a group of 90+ kayakers and took to trekking kegs down the Schuylkill River with a tap-takeover at Grace Tavern as their final destination.

At the end of the day, fun events and theatrics aside, Saucony Creek Brewing Company is focused on crafting adventurous beers for adventurous people. We currently do just that by brewing on a 15 barrel brewhouse system into 30 & 45 barrel fermentation tanks with an annual capacity of 6,000 barrels. Saucony Creek packages into 1/6 and 1/2 barrel kegs, 12 ounce bottles and 12 and 16 ounce cans.

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