Franklin Street Station Pub in Reading

Join us on Sundays for Jazz Brunch from 10 AM to 3 PM, with live jazz from 11 AM to 2 PM. Our creations include classics such as Eggs Benedict, Chicken and Waffles and other amazing dishes.

Did we mention local? Since we opened the Kutztown pub in 2015, we’ve been all about local – local vendors, local farms, local ingredients. The events of the past few years have solidified that belief. We are a member of the PA Preferred program, a state sponsored program promoting local products. during your visit to Franklin Station, you won’t see the mega-corporation food delivery trucks that you see at chain restaurants all over the United States, from Alaska to Florida. You won’t be served frozen pre-portioned, bag cooked food from who knows where. You’ll see family owned trucks from Eastern Pennsylvania family owned provisioners. You’ll see small vans from local farmers delivering eggs, ice cream, beef and more. In the summer, you’ll see our owners Rob & Karen, Kirby & Deb, and Terry & Deb dropping off produce they just hand picked at their own farms.  THAT’S local. THAT’s fresh.

About the Franklin Street Station

Take A Ride On The Reading

The building was dedicated in 1931 by the Reading Company for use as a passenger station. It was a significant Reading transportation hub until it was closed in 1983 when ridership declined to unprofitable levels. BARTA took ownership of the extremely decayed and neglected building and spent years arranging federal, state and local grants and funding to restore the historic building. Renovations were completed in 2013 and included a new roof, upper interior walls and heating and plumbing. The terra cotta walls, terrazzo floor and all windows are original to the building. The bench seating is a reproduction of the original benches. The renovated station was briefly used as a BARTA bus transportation center and then closed around 2015.

In 2018, Saucony Creek signed a lease with BARTA to occupy the unused station. We did minimal changes to the building with the goal of respecting the history and grandeur of the space. Changes included removing one long bench, constructing the bar, and installing a commercial kitchen in the former Lunch Room. We opened in August of 2019 and are thrilled to share this historic space with you. We invite you to unplug, go offline, relax and engage in conversation with your friends and our staff – just as it was over 90 years ago when the station opened. Oh yeah, one more thing – if a train happens to go by, we clap and cheer!

Visit us at 100 South 7th Street, Reading, PA 19602

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15032 Kutztown Road   Kutztown, PA 19530  610-683-3128

Mon Closed
Tu–Th 11:00A–9:00P
Fr–Sa 11:00A-10:00P
Sun 11:00A-7:00P

100 South 7th Street   Reading, PA 19602     484-755-5680

Mon Closed
Tu–Th 11:00A–9:00P
Fr–Sa 11:00A-10:00P
Sun 10:00A-7:00P

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