X Games Gold and Roxie’s Golden Bananas

Pro BMX Rider Chad Kagy Visits the Saucony Tap Room

Posted January 12, 2015
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By: Kirby

This week, Nitro Circus Live member and BMX legend Chad Kagy, along with his family, stopped by the Saucony Creek Tap Room to sample some brews. Leaving his wheels in the bike parking spot, Chad, along with his wife Kelly, new baby daughter Brooklyn and furry friend Barley, sampled some of the new xReserve as well as Roxie’s Golden Bananas. A favorite amongst goldens everywhere.

IMG_5785                               IMG_5763

No doubt Kagy and Saucony’s owner Matt Lindenmuth, both with an action sports past, discussed and rekindled the days of busted wheels and broken bones. Kagy is no newcomer to the BMX scene. In 2005, he placed third in the year-end Dew Cup standings and second at the X Game, improving in 2006 to take second at the AST Dew Tour and winning the X Games. In 2010, Chad took home the gold medal in X Games and 2nd place overall for the Dew Tour standings.

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In 2012 Kagy kept busy traveling with the Nitro Circus Live Tour. Many of you may remember the original 2009 series on MTV that became a smash hit, with Travis Pastrana and his crew of outrageous buddies performing skillful, but insane stunts, on a range of contraptions.

The show was then transformed creating a global phenomenon that would make Nitro Circus the only action sports entertainment company that delivers the biggest and best, mind blowing cross platform entertainment for daredevils and risk takers in the business.

The tour has spanned 5 continents, with sold-out shows in Australia, New Zealand, China, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and all across the European Continent. With close to 100 shows scheduled globally for 2015, Nitro Circus has a firm grip on the title of the World’s most successful action sports touring brand.

For more information on a show near you, visit:


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