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This crazy idea…

Saucony Creek was founded on the thought that we could unite the like-minded interests of local natural farmers and businesses in our local area to develop a commerce and camaraderie that was centered around damn good beer. A social epicenter if you will. A mutual reason to work together to formulate and expose our PA Dutch heritage and roots to the rest of the world through showcasing our skills and trades. Beer is food, and food makes beer. That means we needed a farm, and we needed to reach out to our brethren on tractors and create a union of farmers that were working for a similar goal. Here birthed our farm to pint project. Not every beer is made with 100% local ingredients, but we do our darndest to include as much local love as possible. We’re not the first to think of this as a value, but we hope to make an impact nonetheless. At our Saucony Brewpub, you will be able to order, drink and enjoy a 100% PA brewed beer from farm to pint. That means as many ingredients as possible are planted, grown, nurtured, harvested, and brewed here in PA. For now this will be a Brewpub exclusive brew due to the fact that we cannot yet harvest enough raw ingredients to sell the beer on the larger distributed marketplace. We will continue to work toward that achievement. Until then, come visit us in the fall for a Brewed in PA Harvest Beer.

The Farmland

Currently many different things are grown on our partner farms. From the butternut squash used in Maple Mistress to the cucumber used in our Cucumber Kolsch. We even have brewer’s barley and different hop varieties growing. We’re not the only ones involved, hence the community effort. Our region of Pennsylvania is very lucky to have countless natural farmers growing wonderful variety of different fruits, veggies, and even hops. We’ve also been witness to a new local craft malt house open in the south eastern PA area. Together, the revolution continues to dig in deeper. We think it’s a beautiful thing and none of us plan to bend to the demand of mass marketing or demand. When you label your art as “craft” it comes with many long hard worked hours, sweat, and dedication. The beauty comes at the end of a day, the end of a season, and we can all join together in a cheers to a collaborative effort in a well designed beer. To that, cheers!

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