Masskrugstemmen – Stein Holding Contest Saturday Oct 27

Posted October 21, 2018
By: Kirby

We will be holding our 2nd Annual Stein Holding Contest Saturday October 27. How long can you hold a 1 liter stein of beer at arms length? 1 minute? 2? 4? The world record is just over 20 minutes but the average person can hang in there for about 4 minutes. We will have two competitions – one for women and one for men. Winners take home bragging rights and some valuable bling!

We will be using the competition rules set forth by the US Steinholding Association.


  • Stein must be gripped by the handle.
  • The thumb may not rest on top of the stein handle, it must rest on the other fingers.
  • Pinkie finger may be held outside of the handle.
  • Arching of the back is allowable, however excessive leaning is unacceptable.
  • The stein must be gripped such that the front of the stein faces away from the competitor (the stein can’t be gripped sideways).
  • Stein must be held out in front of the competitor, not out to the side.
  • The arm holding the stein must remain close to parallel with the floor and should be extended straight with very little bending at the elbow.
  • The arm holding the stein should remain separated from the chest of the competitor. The chest may not be used as a shelf to support the arm.
  • The off-hand should remain at the competitor’s side or back and may not touch or be used to support the arm holding the stein.
  • An infraction of any rule will result in a strike. After two strikes, the third infraction leads to elimination of the competitor.
  • If any amount of beer spills or drips off of the stein, the competitor is eliminated, regardless of the number of previously assigned strikes. During outdoor competitions or humid conditions, judges should be sure to differentiate between dripping resulting from condensation and dripping resulting from beer spillage.
  • Competitors should not contact any structures, objects or people during the competition.
  • Competitors must stand within their personal area and should not move more than is necessary to make adjustments ensuring proper form during the competition.


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