Thorondor on a Pogo Stick

Thorondor on a Pogo Stick
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Thorondor, the King of Eagles in Middle-earth, is a proud, strong, and noble-hearted creature. He has battled orcs, dragons, and goblins, and has saved the lives of countless elves and men. Like many of the large Northern Mountain eagles, his wing span is 180 feet. But he can also be instantly recognized by his magnificent beak which is made of gold, as well as the golden crown on his head bestowed upon him for his service in the Battle of the Five Armies. We believe it is a fitting tribute to honor Thorondor with our latest golden-yellow New England IPA and drink a toast to his heroic legacy.

Brewed with Rolled Oats, Wheat and Milk Sugar our sessionable NEIPA is crushingly smooth with big hop juiciness. Aromas of sweet tangerine, guava and citrus peel are followed by a signature creamy mouthfeel leaving you waiting for the next sip. Delightfully quenching.

Disclaimer : * This beer contains CITRA hops *

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