Nessie on the Tube English Porter

Nessie on the Tube English Porter
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The Story

In the tradition of the classic British Pub drinking session, we like to ponder and debate the possibilities over a pint. What if the Loch Ness Monster visited London? Would she climb Big Ben holding Adelle hostage? Would she visit the Queen Mum at Buckingham Palace? Take the Underground Picadilly Line to the Kings Cross station and catch the train at platform 9 3/4? What if Nessie didn’t “Mind the Gap”?

In 1817 the malt roaster was invented (in England, of course!) immensely widening the taste spectrum of beers. We utilized a vast array of malts to add complexity to this sessionable ale. Our deep mahogany colored Porter has a nutty biscuit-like flavor with notes of roasted fig and caramel. A medium dry finish lends this beer to be an everyday drinker. The perfect fuel for lively talk during the chilly days ahead of us this fall.



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