Hexerei White Ale

Hexerei White Ale
Color SRM
Bitterness IBU

The Story

A traditional white ale that we brew to style, with a balance of soft white wheat and malts that offer a slight and tangy sweetness while giving off a distinct citrus orange aroma thanks to the additions of coriander and sweet orange peel. A drinkably refreshing beer designed to quench your thirst at any time of the day.

Behind the Name

When we first started to conceptualize the labels for Hexerei, we instantly pictured a Stevie Nix inspired white witchy character, one that quickly morphed into what we now have as our purple haired sorcerous.  Hex is a powerful and mesmerizing witch than can quickly cast a spell over you, and is at her best served under the moonlight. Hexerei is the Pennsylvania-German word for witchcraft or sorcery, and a brew you are not likely to forget.

Behind the Name

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