2016 Bocktoberfest Beer Release!!

Posted September 13, 2016
By: Matt

206 years ago Prince Ludwig married his bride in royal fashion and invited the entire nation to party and celebrate with them… so began the traditions of Oktoberfest.

We’re going to kick off our celebration of Oktoberfest this Sunday (9/18/16), with Brunch specials, NFL Sunday Ticekt on all the TVs, and the release of our 2016 Bocktoberfest! Draft, 6-Packs and cases will be available.

We’re celebrating a little bigger this fall with our 6.4% ABV Octoberfest bier taken up to the next level. Just a little bit stronger, a little bit maltier, and a lot more fun! Warm notes of toasted bread, biscuit, toffee, and a sweet touch of spicy malt flavor. An incomparable smooth, round, juicy sweetness lends itself to the fresh floral local grown Tettnanger hops from our friends at Hop Hill Farm in New Jerusalem, PA.


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